This week we began Show and Tell. Our students will bring in something each week, with each new letter of the alphabet.
Through Show and Tell the children will:
-learn to speak and listen
-learn how to be an audience and introduce themselves
-learn how to ask inquiry based questions
-learn to make connections between student responses
-anticipate and observe
-practice critical reasoning skills
-practice storytelling
-learn same and different
-use vocabulary
-use descriptive language
-increase confidence
-solidify the home/ school connection
We are learning letter S so we saw shields, sprinkles, Snoopy, Superman, a sequenced snake, a snowman and more. It was a super way to start!

Point Beach Prep will be hosting award-winning children’s recording artist and entertainer, YOSI! On March 18th at 11 am and 1:10 pm Yosi will rock the house with a humorous and interactive Pajama Party! He will be back on March 26th at 11 am for a multicultural, interactive, and educational concert filled with songs, humor, dances, and musical instruments from around the world! If you know of a preschool aged child that may like to join us (with a supervising adult), please have them call 732-701-9900 to RSVP!