From Our Interim Pastor

The boardwalk is coming alive just in time for the holiday weekend. However, our Governor keeps reminding us that indoor gatherings are still a lot riskier than outdoor activities.

So we are taking the month of July to continue preparing for the integration of both virtual and limited in-person worship starting in August, God willing. Maintaining a safe physical distance with a new seating configuration, we will be able to accommodate up to 49 people in the sanctuary.

The following information may be helpful as you determine whether your worship would be more faithful from home or in the sanctuary.

You will be asked to enter the sanctuary from the main entrance on Bay Avenue or using the ramp off the parking lot.
Gone are the friendly handshakes at the door.
A printed order of worship will be waiting for you on the available seats.
Wearing face coverings throughout the service will be required.
Gone are the full-throated sounds of praise with singing.
Congregational vocal participation will be limited (be ready to try other less strenuous options).
Passing of the peace will not involve physical contact (except in family groups).
Children will not come forward for children’s sermon.
Offering plates will be available at the entrance and exit for your convenience but an offering will not be received as a part of worship. Electronic contributions are gladly received still.
Worshippers will be dismissed in an orderly fashion keeping physical distance.
Restrooms will be available with new instructions clearly posted.

More information will be shared in the coming weeks. Be safe as we celebrate our nation’s birthday!


Pastor Osy