It’s been a rough week. Covid cases continue to rise and we have had to respond to that in the church. Going to worship now means masking back up and adhering to social distancing. Will this ever end? Turns out there’s a name for what we are dealing with. It’s called Covid flux. Covid flux is tough because it’s all about the uncertainty and the disappointment. Back in June we thought we had seen the worst of it and we unmasked and headed back into the world. Great news! But how long did we actually have of that freedom before things started to turn for the worst again? Not long. Anxiety and depression are back. Fear and uncertainty are back. Anger and recrimination are growing over the conflict around friends and relatives with differing opinions on how to handle the virus. This is a tough place to be. Humans don’t handle uncertainty and vulnerability very well. Combine the covid fatigue with the disappointment of not finding ourselves on the road to normalcy and you’ve got the conditions worthy of bringing out the worst in people. What do we do with all this? According to an Op-Ed sent to me by our friend Robin Lostetter, we persist and persevere. We grieve. We admit we are tired. We do what we can to make this better. According to Tish Harrison Warren, “…the Book of James presents perseverance as an artist, with our own soul as its medium. Perseverance, James writes, must ‘finish its work with us’ that we might become ‘mature and complete.’ It forms and shapes a kind of wholeness in us that comes as a gift.” She goes on to say that “God can be trusted.” So, let’s persevere in doing the right thing (mask up and get vaccinated). Let’s persist in our faith that perseverance is working on our souls with God’s help. Let’s pray. And let’s be kind. Until next time, stay well and stay safe!

Elder Lynn
Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian