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Gratitude and Generosity!

Acting out of a sense of gratitude and generosity our congregation has given a great outpouring in the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering this year. We received the offering on Palm Sunday and we have already received $2340. compared to $940 in 2020, $1640. in 2019 and $1313. in 2018. The needs are great […]

Zoom Sunday School: Build the Bridge

Most children, in families having some exposure to the Christian faith, can tell you all about the story of Christmas. For at least a month before Christmas, you are bound to observe multiple lawn nativity scenes, often mixed on the same property with spectacular seasonal decorations of all sorts. The significance of Easter, however, is […]

Care Corner

Today‚Äôs Care Corner comes in the form of a pep talk. Here goes! I read in the paper that the vaccines are proving to be very good at fighting the virus with no symptoms AND no illness AND, most importantly, showing a decrease in transmission rates. What that means is we are almost out of […]


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