e9367417-7c38-4b2e-a78b-c1732964bdc4LEADERSHIP TRAINING EVENT FOR ELDERS AND DEACONS – Monmouth Presbytery is sponsoring a morning workshop for all elders and deacons, both new and experienced, on Saturday, November 4, 9:00 am till noon, at the historic Old Tennent Church (just west of Freehold). A light breakfast will be served. Dr. Wilton will be the leader, speaking about the Book of Order: what’s new, what’s old, what’s worth knowing. Pastor Doug Hughes will lead the group on a tour of the Old Tennent Church, which is one of the most historic churches in our denomination. The congregation was founded in 1692, and the present building dates back to 1751. William Tennent, Jr. was the colonial-era pastor for whom the church was named. Find out more and register through the Presbytery’s website. (Are those dark stains on the pews actually bloodstains from the Continental Army soldiers who received medical help there during the Battle of Monmouth, as local legend says? Come and find out!)