Planning Has Begun for Our Gift Auction!

auction_13792cIt’s been a number of years since the church has had a gift auction, but those who were around at that time know how much fun the event is – and what a warm feeling results from helping support the church!

They also know it takes a significant amount of planning.

A dedicated committee has already begun meeting. They’re tentatively planning a luncheon event at a local restaurant for Sunday afternoon, October 22. Luncheon tickets will be sold at cost or close to cost; it’s the auction that raises the funds. More details will be announced soon.

Gift auctions run on donations: both smaller items that can be gathered into gift baskets for a silent auction, as well as more substantial goods and services that will be sold at the live auction part of the afternoon.

Please start looking around your home or business for good-quality items that can be auctioned. The field is wide open: antiques, jewelry, artwork, whatever. Or maybe you have a service that can be auctioned, such as professional services or a vacation rental or time-share.

The committee will also be approaching local businesses for donations, so if you have any ideas along those lines, they’d love to hear about them!

All proceeds, after expenses, will benefit the church. So, please mark your calendar now and plan for a fun afternoon!