A May 18th Session meeting approved partnering with a sister Presbyterian Church in Arizona, Guadalupe Presbyterian, who have supported a strong mission effort to aid refugees in detention centers at our southern border. They recently received a request from a detention center chaplain for Bibles in Portuguese and in Farsi. (The Core-Civic Company that runs the detention centers does not purchase Bibles for asylum seekers who are detained, nor does ICE). Guadalupe Presbyterian bought the first 100 Bibles on faith and are now seeking financial help with their fundraising.

If you are interested in joining me in helping to provide Bibles, please send your check to the Church office, made out to PPPC with the notation BIBLES on the bottom left, for any amount by June 6th. Our church will send one check to Guadalupe Presbyterian as we share in this mission effort.

Thank you.
Barbara Reusch, Clerk of Session