Join us for a little competition and a whole lot of laughs having fun with your family and friends. The Personnel Committee has been snooping around and learned that PPPC has talent!! But too often the talented stays hidden. They will be hidden no longer! We are giving every one a chance to show off the most creative, funniest, loveliest, and best of all.

Here’s how it works: Each family, or group of friends, or individual, plans and practices for a 5 minute performance in our PPPC Family Talent Show! You may sing, dance, play an instrument, tell jokes, read, juggle or what ever you do best. You will perform in your own living room (or where ever you keep your computer). You must register to perform by Monday, October 5th. Each performing group will register (see below for directions), and will then be assigned a number. Everyone will receive a Zoom Invite on October 9th and can join to perform or just watch. When your number is called you will get up in the comfort of your own home in front of your computer and . . . SHOW US YOUR TALENT!

All who are not performing will be invited to connect via Zoom to be entertained by our own PPPC talent. The panel of judges will be watching each performance and will announce the lucky winner/s that night for the BEST, FUNNIEST, and MOST CREATIVE performances! The lucky winner will receive . . . well, you will have to win to find out just what you’ll receive, but you’ll be very HAPPY and FAMOUS in PPPC.  Start planning now, and contact the Church Office at (732) 899-0587 to register to be on our Zoom stage.

The talent show will be Friday, October 9th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. but we need a full roster of entertainers, (we will need at least 10 – 12 in order for the show to go on!). Come one and all, as it is all in FUN.