For the past seven years the Joan Valentine House has given their residents a chance to be part of a special gift buying and giving program for the holiday season. The holiday store is an opportunity for residents to buy gifts for family members of friends. The residents earn “Valentine Bucks” during the year for maintaining good hygiene, helping other residents, and helping out around Valentine House. By saving the Valentine Bucks during the year, the residents can buy gifts for loved ones at the holiday store.

All the gifts come from donations from local businesses and individuals. It’s a great opportunity to re-gift items that are new or items never used. Examples of items for the store are candles, costume jewelry, books, perfume or cologne, clothing items, household items that are unused, games and toys and Christmas decorations.

The staff and volunteers staff the store and help residents pick out gifts and wrap them. There is also a need for gift bags, tags and ribbon. They have plenty of wrapping paper from last year. (This is different from the Valentine House giving tree we have each year, by which we choose individual Valentine House residents and buy a gift or two they’ve specifically asked for. The giving tree will be back again this Advent.)

Any items you may have to donate to the holiday store can be dropped off at the Valentine House or in the church office by Monday, December 3.