The Session & Trustees

Clerk of Session: Sue Hankins
Assistant Clerk of Session: Diane Sikora
Treasurer: Patricia Shoppell

(“Class of” designations, below, refer to the year that the officer’s term is ending.)

Class of 2017
Carol Bonebrake
Elaine Conheeney*
Frank Jones
Craig Lambie
Douglas Petersen
Jacque Thornton*

Class of 2018
Lynn Hahm
Nancy Jalowski*
Diane Manzo
Frank Perkowski
Londa Scarpone*
Diane Sikora

Class of 2019
Sherri Hall
Dale Leasure
Diane Legriede*
Marjorie Meklin
Nancy Stout
Donna Wittmann

The Board of Deacons

Moderator: Deirdre D’Amore

Class of 2017
Nicholas Cox*
Kevin Conheeney
Karyn Smykowski
Heidi Steiner
Joseph Maimone**

Class of 2018
Jean Campbell
Chris Cook
Robin DeRosa*
Karen Luicci
Christina Parrott

Class of 2019
Deirdre D’Amore
Maria O’Connor
Suzanne Perkowski
Marilyn Rice*
Jonathan Yount

* — Second Consecutive Term
** — Youth Representative
Ministers — All Our Members