Here’s a cautionary tale for those who think Covid is over. My youngest son was up for a few weeks and spent some time catching up with his buddies. He’s been vaccinated for a few months now so he felt safe going out with his friends. Lo and behold, last Friday he felt like he was coming down with a cold. It got pretty bad and he felt pretty crummy but he didn’t even think of Covid until he lost his sense of taste and smell a couple of days later. Sure enough, he tested positive for Covid despite two vaccines. Another friend he was with developed the same symptoms a couple of days later. She, too, tested positive for Covid and she, too, had been fully vaccinated.

I’m telling you this for several reasons. First, we are not done with Covid. The new variant is powerful. Second, please get vaccinated. This virus will continue to mutate as long as it has hosts. If we do not get a handle on this soon it will continue to mutate into something that I fear will require a new vaccine. The vaccines are safe and effective at keeping most people from becoming deathly ill. The news is showing an incredible increase in cases in areas where vaccines are down. In Ocean County, only 40% or so of our citizens are vaccinated. That is not enough. Lastly, if you are not vaccinated, please protect yourself and others by continuing to mask up. If a healthy, vaccinated 26-year-old man can get knocked out by this virus, how will the rest who aren’t vaccinated fare? Until next time, stay safe, stay well and get vaccinated!

Elder Lynn
Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian