This is about the fifth time I’ve sat down to write this and the third version of Care Corner for this week. I’m finding it hard to write anything inspirational because I am angry and devastated that for the first time ever in our history as a country the Supreme Court has reversed a precedent and taken away human rights. And, because I am a woman, this feels very, very personal. I will be fine as will most women in NJ, most women who are not of child bearing age and, of course, all the men (see? There’s my anger….) My neighbor is flying her flag upside down, a sign that the country is in distress and that feels just about right to me. But the problem looms much larger than the loss of women having autonomy over their own bodies. The Supreme Court has also allowed voting rights to be stripped away by states, loosened gun restrictions of liberal leaning states and is narrowing the line between church and state.

These are all troubling moves by people with immense power who we have not been elected and who hold lifetime appointments. The only thing we can do as the population affected by these decisions is vote to put people in office who will do the will of the people. I know I am saying this in an area that is predominantly republican and many may share the view that the Supreme Court made good decisions. If that is the case I ask you to dig really deep to where the spirit resides in you. As a matter of fact we ALL need to dig deep and find our spirit. It is the infinite love inside and open heartedness. It’s the space in us that doesn’t see color or gender, that believes in the goodness in people and trusts people to take care of themselves and one another. Now back up a little and see how you are living your life out in the world. I know there’s a ton of fear out here on both sides of the political aisle. I know there is hate and anger as well. There might be a big gap between the spirit in you and the way parts of you have you living life. How do we narrow the gap in ourselves? First, by noticing it and paying attention to it as you move through your day. If we all narrowed our gap what a world we would live in.

Lastly, in what I find to be deeply troubling times, I am going to point out something else to ponder. Do you yearn for days from the past when things were easier? I sure do. My naiveté as to what was happening in the world kept me safe from knowing injustice and then I didn’t have to do anything about it. Many people are finding themselves yearning with nostalgia for days gone by. But I want you all to remember… the old days weren’t good for everyone. I see these moves by the Supreme Court as an intended path back to the old ways. Remember, on the chopping block now are contraception, gay rights and gay marriage. The Court has set itself up to reconsider those rights as well. Problem is we can never go back. Nostalgia is fueling oppression. Love will allow people dignity and autonomy over their own bodies and love allows all people to have a voice regardless of skin color or gender. So, for now, check that gap between your spirit and how you live life. How do you want to live? Until next time, stay well, stay curious and for now, even a bit righteously outraged.

Elder Lynn
Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian