“What’s saving your life right now?”

Barbara Brown Taylor is a favorite preacher, teacher, and theologian of mine. In her memoir, Taylor writes about a time she was invited to speak and the host assigned her this topic, “Tell us what is saving your life right now.”

It’s a great question to stop and ask every once in a while: What – big or small – is saving us?

“Most of us know what’s killing us, and can articulate it if asked. But few of us stop to note what’s giving us life. Our lives reflect what we persistently think about. This practice, of reflecting and answering this question, calls you to pay attention to what you’re dwelling on.”

What’s saving your life right now?

My list this week:

*Friends who share Spotify playlists
*FaceTime with a long-distance friend
*Lighting a candle in the evenings
*Unexpectedly bumping into parishioners around town and during a boardwalk walk (only when it’s over 35 degrees!)
*A morning cup of black coffee
*The movement of the Spirit at PPPC

That’s my list for this week. What’s on yours?

See you on Sunday in church!
Pastor Molly