Happy Summer, Beloved Church!

Summer is my favorite season. I enjoy all the seasons, really, and I am grateful we live in a place where we get to experience all four…but summer is my favorite.

This town comes alive in a new way in the summer. One day it’s quiet and the lights on 35 South are blinking yellow, and the next, you have to watch out for all those beach cruisers, but there are infinitely more ice cream shops open for business…and don’t get me started on those “Jersey Fresh” fruits and veggies!

The only thing I don’t particularly love, is that church attendance inevitably dips in the summer. It always has. I suspect it always will. Not just at our church, but at almost all churches. Perhaps it’s exacerbated here, as we live in a place where 1) If we wake up and it’s a beautiful day, there are lots of opportunities for being outside that we don’t have the rest of the year and; 2) There’s tenfold traffic, even on Sunday mornings. It is my hope and prayer that you will continue to prioritize growing in faith and the worship of our God throughout the summer months, even if your summer life looks a whole lot different!

I’d also like to know, what are you up to this summer? Are you traveling? Are you spending as much time as possible at the beach? Boating and fishing? Are you headed to the mountains? Is family coming to visit? Are you visiting family?

Or maybe summer is slow and quiet…are you spending the mornings reading? Tending your garden? Playing bridge? Are you visiting a member of our church family at their home for a meal?

What are you up to this summer? We want to know and we want to SEE! Whatever you’re up to over the course of the summer, snap a photo or two and send it to the church email ([email protected]) with a brief description (who’s in the photo, where are you, etc.)

We’ll include as many as possible it in our weekly newsletters over the course of the summer, with the intention of helping our church family feel more connected throughout these summer months. Share some of your joy with your church family!

Yours for the journey,
Pastor Molly