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A Word from Our Stated Supply Pastor

“You shall proclaim a release through the land to all its inhabitants…it shall be a jubilee for you.” Leviticus 25: 8-10 These familiar words of scripture came to my mind this week when I heard news reports that “Juneteenth” has been established as a new national holiday. Today, as I write, it is the eve […]

Care Corner

Pastor Eileen’s sermon last Sunday struck a chord with me. There is a part of me that has a very hard time forgiving certain things. I know Jesus says we should forgive as many times as it takes but at what point do you draw a line? And are the two mutually exclusive? Can a […]

Coffee Fellowship

We successfully held our first coffee hour since shutting down due to COVID last Sunday. It was held outside on the porch of the manse and was enjoyed by all. We will endeavor to continue with this protocol, weather and other conditions permitting. Accordingly, there may be days when we are unable to offer this […]


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