The Session & Trustees

Clerk of Session: Marjorie Meklin
Assistant Clerk of Session: TBD
Treasurer: Pat Shoppell

(“Class of” designations, below, refer to the year that the officer’s term is ending.)

Class of 2024
Robin Cook
Dee D’Amore
Craig Lambie
Diane Legreide

Class of 2025
Diane Manzo
Liz Ploskonka
Dan Scarpone
Cathy Walker

Class of 2026
Doug Murray
Robyn Hart
Joanne McGuire
Frank Scarpone

The Board of Deacons

Moderator: Donna Wittman
Treasurer: Min Curtis

Class of 2024
Karen Baron
Marilyn Coppolino
Ginger Decker
Sue Reilly
Celishia Scarpone

Class of 2025
Susan Beltran
Frank Perkowski
Joan Reitmeyer
Mary Beth Schroeder
Donna Wittmann

Class of 2026
Marion Blackford
Min Curtis
Randy Crate
Sara Hoey
Jonathan Yount

Ministers — All Our Members