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Sending Love From PPPC to Africa

by Frank Perkowski

Busy Hands is Keeping Busy The ladies of the Busy Hands sewing group have been working diligently this summer making cotton sundresses to be sent to Africa to be worn by little girls and young women living there. The ladies are enjoying cutting out the dresses, sewing them, and creatively decorating them with bows and […]

2017 Triennial Gathering of Presbyterian Women of the Synod

by Frank Perkowski

2017 Triennial Gathering of Presbyterian Women of the Synod “Household of Faith” Friday, August 18 – Saturday, August 19, 2017 Desmond Hotel and Conference Center Albany, New York Who is the foreigner? Who is the native? What is it like to be “the other”? These are the questions to be explored at the Synod of the Northeast’s […]

You Can Help Those in Need – St. Gregory’s Pantry

by Frank Perkowski
food pantry banner

St. Gregory’s Pantry gives temporary aid (a 4 day supply of food and personal items) to approximately 1200 individuals annually. Pantry stocks run low in the Summer. Items to be donated to the Pantry can be dropped off in the baskets in the Narthex. A lot of the Pantry’s clients have microwave cooking only, so […]

On a Fixed Income?

by Frank Perkowski
Fixed Income Banner

(Recently I came across these comments by Charles Lane, a Lutheran pastor. They speak to the situation of many in our congregation – most congregations, actually. – Pastor Carl) The most common assumption I have heard about giving by retired people is, “Retired people are living on a fixed income. They are giving all they […]

With Only Faith for Protection

by Frank Perkowski
Presbyterian Mission

In one of the most dangerous places in the world, the Rev. Peter Tibi stands between the government of South Sudan and rebel factions with only his clerical collar and his faith for protection. The director of RECONCILE International (Resource Center for Civil Leadership) uses shuttle diplomacy to carry information between the two groups with […]

Coming Soon! Johnsonburg Traveling Day Camp at PPPC

by Frank Perkowski
Johsonburg Bus Banner

The school year is nearly over. It’s a time when families look forward to happy summer activities. The Johnsonburg on the Road counselors are thrilled to bring their unique program to PPPC from August 14 through August 18. We hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity by registering your children. They will enjoy […]

Make Worship a Part of Your Memorial Day Weekend

by Frank Perkowski
Memorial Day banner

Dear Friends, During my gym workouts I’ve been listening to a remarkable audiobook, Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand. (There’s a movie version as well, which I haven’t yet seen.) It’s the story of the late Louis Zamperini, an American Olympic miler who served in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. […]

Confirmation Class 2017

by Carl Wilton

On Sunday, May 7th, we welcomed five young people to adult church membership, our 2017 Confirmation Class. They are a fine group of young people who love the Lord. We welcome them!

Giving Away Computer Desks

by Carl Wilton

The church is looking to give away four computer desks that are no longer being used in the Sunday School rooms.  If you are interested please call the office at 732-899-0587.