Care Corner (Encouraging One Another)

This is my last Care Corner. Next week I move from my childhood home to a new town and a new home. I’ve never been one who enjoys change so this is a big deal for me. Despite this fact it feels like time for a change for me even if it is sad. When I look around at Point Pleasant it seems to me that not many people like change. I think I am in good company! We have a good thing here so why change it? I get that but change is needed in life. It is also unavoidable. Change keeps us vital. Too much of the same lulls us into a rut at times. Worse yet, when change occurs, as it inevitably does, we are surprised or shocked and struck by the harshness. Consider Sandy and Covid. Both of those events led to huge change, some good but most not so good. And as a result we have had to make adjustments and deal with new things. So why should we embrace change if it is painful? Because it is what helps us grow. Change gets us to think about new things, to act in new ways, to be open to new people and new situations. And when it happens unannounced, if we are able to embrace change we will be more likely to emerge in a better way. Growth is good! Sometimes it hurts but if we stop growing we risk something far worse than the hurt-stasis and boredom and the inability to accept the new. In addition, those who do not accept change often become angry and bitter. There is way too much of that around these days. Embrace change and grow into your best self!

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to write for you all these past few years. I know some of what I’ve written has not landed well on a few but I appreciate the fact it has been read! If I sparked some interest in any topic, even one that has been disagreed with, I am happy. Stay well, stay kind and stay curious!

All the best,
Elder Lynn
Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian