$Young Presbyterian Scholarships$ Help Pay College Costs


Westminster building Westminster College, a PC(USA)-related liberal arts college located 65 miles north of Pittsburgh, is offering Young Presbyterian Scholarships of up to $74,000 per student ($18,500 per year) for the upcoming academic year. The Westminster College Board of Trustees is offering this scholarship to outstanding PC(USA) students – up to 2 students from every congregation – as a way for them to continue to grow in faith and leadership while on campus.

The scholarships are available to members of all PC(USA) churches.   Each congregation can select two students who meet the following qualifications:

PC(USA) membership
3.5 cumulative high school GPA (through junior year)
Nomination by Pastor/Congregation

Scholarship Deadlines are:
December 1 – Pastor/Congregation Nomination

Please contact Dr. Wilton for more details.  Visit their website for more information