Care Corner

Can we teach an old dog new tricks? In other words, can people change? I sure hope so! Isn’t that what growth is all about? Change? Actually, change isn’t just possible, it is inevitable. It’s funny, I used to really dislike change. I lived in my very comfortable bubble and didn’t need to have anything in my comfortable world change. But guess what? Change happened. It started slowly enough with awareness of many things starting to pierce through my bubble. If that wasn’t enough, Sandy came and turned just about everything upside down. The changes kept coming whether I felt ready for them or not. I found a picture of the Seaside roller coaster in the ocean after the storm. The caption under the photo is, “Just when I think I’ve learned the way to live, life changes.” That is a truth. We can sit in resentment over changes we experience or we can grow from the changes. We can learn from the changes. We can become better people from the changes we experience.

Now instead of being fearful of change, I welcome it. If it is going to happen (and it is), why not learn and grow from change? Why not be the change? There is so much that can be better for people. Change means that can be possible. Change can be good. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world this Christmas. Want to see more love? Be the love. Want to see more compassion? Be compassionate. Want to see more gratitude? Be grateful. We got this change thing. Until next time, stay well, be well and be the change.

Elder Lynn
Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian