Counting Our Blessings at Sunday School

Hello everyone!

Another week, another step closer to warmer weather!

I hope you all enjoyed your week! Last week,we had a great time and showed our creative side by working on our special craft called a “Blessing Cup.” While studying the Beatitudes, last week, we started talking more about blessings.

Blessings From GodChrist talked about how following the word of God would lead to being blessed by God. We thought really hard about the blessings in our own lives and realized that the more we looked for them, the more we found! Our craft last week was the Blessing Cup. It’s simply a place to write down some of our blessings and keep them handy for those days when we may not necessarily be feeling so grateful. Each of the kids decorated their own cups to suit their own unique personalities. Then we took little slips of paper and wrote down one blessing per piece of paper, and placed it in the cup. When we were done, the famous saying was true – our cups really did runneth over!

This week is going to be a fun way to wrap up our lesson on the Beatitudes….and it is going to taste pretty good, too! I hope you all will be able to make it!

See you on Sunday.

Peace and Blessings,
Tricia Stoffers