Deacons Helping Families

Deacon's FundDeacons Fund

We who serve on the Board of Deacons are ever grateful for our congregation’s continued monetary support so we may fill the requests for assistance we receive.

At this time we are experiencing several requests for help during the holiday season. With the cold weather approaching we anticipate a lot of requests for help with heating bills. This past year we received approximately $5700 in donations and yet we provided over $8,000 in assistance due to funds available from the previous year. Our ability to help others in the future, like in the past, will be carefully monitored. With donations to the Deacons fund in decline, we might not be able to help others like we have done in the past.

If you would like to help the Deacons with their benevolence, kindly make a donation in the Deacons envelope this Sunday on Communion Sunday so that we may continue assist others

Thank you.

The Board of Deacons