Faith Journeys for Women Through Circles

Greetings from Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church’s Women

 Presbyterian Women 3The members of the Presbyterian Women (PW) of Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church warmly welcome all women to our church family!  All women who attend our church are already members of Presbyterian Women.  Choosing to join a circle truly enhances your spiritual involvement in our church.  We have promised as a congregation to “love, encourage and support you and to share the good news of the gospels with you.”

One of the best ways to begin your journey to inquiry in the church is exploring the five PW circles.  Our cities are symbolic of the intertwining never ending love and faith we have in each other and in our church.  Our circles pursue Bible studies, support both local and worldwide mission, and work towards peace and justice.

Members are extremely supportive of each other, sharing their joys and concerns; providing a strong network of compassion and building meaninful lasting friendships.  We are fun loving, versatile and diverse.

Circles have monthly meetings during the church calendar year of weekday afternoons or evenings.  They are held in the Chittick Lounge or members’ homes.  If you are considering circle membership, or would like to attend a meeting, please contact our church office. We can refer you to one of the membership coordinators. If you prefer, write your name, telephone number, and “PW Membership” on a pew card and place it in the offering plate. Also, our  PW Brochure has some specific information. Come join us!