From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear PPPC –

Our stained glass windows are a wonderful part of our sanctuary, and they are currently in need of some significant repairs. Over the next several months, our beautiful stained glass windows will be removed, repaired, restored, and reinstalled with vented glass to better protect them from the elements. The new vented glass will also allow the windows to look just as beautiful from the outside of the church, as they do within the sanctuary.

All of this repair and restoration work is a generous gift, given to PPPC from a family in our congregation!

The work began yesterday morning (see photos of the week)! Clagnan Stained Glass Studio is removing 2-3 windows at a time, and they will take approximately 60 days of work before the windows are reinstalled. While the windows are out for repairs, painted plywood covering will take their place.

The restoration and repairs are being completed in nearby Wall Township. Sometime later in the winter/spring, there will be a bus trip to travel to the facility and see our windows being worked on!

Additionally, around March 1st, all of the regular windows in the church are going to be replaced as well.

The PPPC Session has already extended their gratitude for this generous gift to the giving family. It is the family’s wish not to be named publicly in sharing this news, that the focus will remain on the church, and so I will honor that wish in writing this letter to you.

Instead, let me say that I hope you will join the Session in offering a prayer of thanksgiving for this generous gift to our church and to our worship space.

See you in church!

Yours for the journey,
Pastor Molly