Latest Volunteer Village Statistics & Schedule

The Volunteer Village continues to have a major impact on recovery here at the Jersey Shore. Here are some updated statistics, as of August 1.

1. Number of volunteers housed: 950

2. Number of hours those volunteers have worked: over 26,700

3. Number of homes worked on/families helped: over 175

Some have asked about a recent news article in the Asbury Park Press, reporting that a number of Shore communities are not getting all the FEMA loan credits they’re eligible for, because of inadequate bookkeeping of volunteer hours. We have been keeping precise track of our volunteer hours, but unfortunately, most of those hours don’t factor into the FEMA calculations, which have to do only with volunteer work supporting municipal services (such as cleanup at parks or firehouses), or townwide relief efforts (like handing out hot meals). Nearly all work performed by Volunteer Village guests is on private homes, so their hours don’t factor into the FEMA calculations. (Originally, we were told otherwise, but have since learned that’s not how FEMA does it.)

Kudos to all the hardworking PPPC volunteers, who provide the supportive services that make all the other volunteer hours possible. We are changing lives!

Groups Staying in the Volunteer Village

We have a full complement of work groups staying in our Volunteer Village this Summer and Fall. Following is our latest list of groups scheduled:

Lend a HandAug 17-21 Lend A Hand (Carlisle Presbytery, Pennsylvania)
Sep 7-13 Pass A Grille Beach Community Church, St. Pete Beach, FL
Sep 14-20 Crossroads Community Presbyterian Church, Leechburg, PA
Sept 28-Oct 4 Presbytery of Detroit
Oct 5-11 Rosedale Presbyterian Church Livonia, MI
Oct 12-17 Lend A Hand (Carlisle Presbytery, Pennsylvania)
Oct 19-25 Scioto Valley Presbytery, Columbus, OH
Feb 6 Abington Presbyterian Church, Abington, PA
Apr 5 Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church, MD