New Action Teams — You Can Play a Part!

The backbone of the church’s work is the Session’s system of Action Teams (otherwise known as committees – but because the emphasis is on getting things done, we emphasize the action element!).

In an effort to broaden participation and involve more of the congregation in the joy of serving Christ, the Session has completely reorganized and simplified the Action Teams. There will now be just four: Worship, Caring, Outreach and Resources. Four to six Session members will serve on each Team, along with representatives from the Board of Deacons and from the congregation at large.

Some Action Teams may create specialized work groups under their oversight, to do particular tasks. Some of these smaller work groups will be more or less permanent, and others will come and go as the need arises. The Action Teams themselves will remain constant, meeting on a monthly basis, September through June.

We Need You!

Do you love Jesus Christ and his church? Is the Lord leading you to use your spiritual gifts in Christian service?

As we live into our new Action Teams plan, we need lots and lots of church members and friends to pitch in and lend a hand – serving on one of the Action Teams, or on one of the working groups that report to them.

To serve on an Action Team, you’ll need to be available on the third Tuesday evening of each month, for a meeting lasting just over an hour. The various working groups that are accountable to each Action Team will meet at other times.

Want to find out more? Just speak to any Session member, to Pastor Linda or to Pastor Carl.