Our Cents-ability Offering Supports the Ecologic Development Fund

Cents-ability Supports the Ecologic Development Fund

Eco LogicThe Cents-ability Committee of Monmouth Presbytery has awarded $5,300 to the Ecologic Development Fund of Guatemala. Ecologic empowers rural and indigenous peoples to restore and protect tropical ecosystems in Central America and Mexico.

They collaborate with local communities to identify, evaluate, and prioritize their conservation and natural resource needs and then work with them to obtain the skills, financing, materials, and other support needed to sustainably use their natural resources and rehabilitate damaged and degraded natural places. Ecologic helps communities identify and put in place a variety of strategies to increase their economic self-sufficiency, environmental health and adaptability in response to climate change and extreme weather events in ways that also encourage the long-term survival of the biodiversity around them.

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When those coins we contribute on Cents-ability Sundays are joined together with other coins contributed throughout the Presbytery, they surely do some great work. Thanks for your generous support!