Our Parish Associate Rev. Linda Chase

What did I do in my 42 years of ordained ministry?

– Was a deacon and elder prior to going to seminary;

– Graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary where I met my husband, Doug;

– After graduation I was invited to stay on at the seminary as an instructor and Director of Field Ed;

– We relocated to Western NY where I accepted a pt position as pastor of a small church in a small town where for 8 years I was shaped into being a pastor by a wonderful congregation;

– I discovered I preferred to be on a church staff when for 18 months I was associate pastor (pt) for a 1500 member church in the home town of the Buffalo Bills. Go Bills! Super Bowl this year???

– We moved to Brick, NJ when my husband was invited to become head of staff at Brick Presbyterian Church. Imagine my surprise when out of the blue I was invited to become a pt associate pastor at St Mary’s By the Sea Episcopal Church. God does have a sense of humor! I spent 15 wonderful years there, ministering and learning all things Episcopal such as the word aspergillum. I simply called it the water flingy thingy and I loved using it!!!

– Following my retirement from St Mary’s I was surprised again to be invited to become the pt associate at PPPC where I spent another 8 happy years. Finally in 2018 I retired, retired.

– My 42 years in ministry were a blessing to me and I continue to be blessed to be able to do what I love. Serving God by serving others. I am also blessed to be a part of two loving faith communities who just happen to be across the street from each other!