Point Beach Prep Preschool News

This week we met Mr. X! He taught us sign language for X and the word for “xylophone”, which was the instrument he brought. At Show and Tell we saw many different kinds of xylophones, even one that came all the way from Costa Rica! We also saw xl shorts, xylitol gum, a puzzle piece of the sign language letter x, and many different x-rays of people and animals. It was excellent!

All of the x-rays inspired a new dramatic play area, a Veterinarian’s Office! Our students had fun examining the animals and keeping them healthy! We had lots of Vet techs using their imaginations and working hard! On Wednesday, the Point Pleasant Beach Children’s Librarian came in to read books about bunnies and sing Easter songs with the class. Thank you, Miss Tina. On Thursday we celebrated Kellan’s 5th birthday! Happy Birthday Kellan!

At our project table we had fun making Easter crafts. We made a scented sensory egg that smelled like blueberries, limes, oranges, and raspberries. We decorated a card-stock egg with shaving cream mixed with paint! It was fun feeling the squishy texture! We will also be using our fine motor skills on Friday by using yarn to sew a baby chick project. We are so egg-cited for Easter!
Happy Spring!