Presbyterians in Egypt?

Presbyterians in EgyptNot many Presbyterians are aware of the significant role Presbyterians have played for more than 150 years in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to Egypt. That’s longer than Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church has been in existence!

Hunter Farrell, Director of World Mission for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), recently listed some of the accomplishments of the Egypt mission:

Presbyterian work in Egypt has grown over the years into the largest Protestant church in the Middle East, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt, with half a million members.

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo has grown tremendously in size and is currently training more than 300 full-time students from 5 Middle Eastern countries.

The youth camp, founded in Alexandria almost a century ago has enjoyed significant growth over the last decade and this year, despite much uncertainty in Egyptian society, will receive growing number of Egyptian youth and young adults to learn how to love God and neighbor.

Presbyterians in Egypt work closely with the Coptic Orthodox Church and other Christian denominations.

You can read more of Hunter’s reflections on the very significant Presbyterian work in Egypt on the Presbyterian World Mission web page.