Presbyterians Spring to Action in Response to Hurricanes

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Hurricane Response
Hurricane Irma, a record-setting storm, is now dissipating, but the devastation is just starting to be known.

Members of PDA’s National Response Team will arrive in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina this week to provide aid, assess damage, and offer spiritual and emotional care for those impacted by the winds and flooding. While PDA has already been in contact with presbyteries throughout Florida and Puerto Rico, the Church remains mindful of the areas where contact has, so far, been difficult to make. Once the information arrives from the Florida Keys as well as the Caribbean islands nearly wiped from the map, the destruction of this storm will begin to be fully known.

For further information, please visit the sections of the PDA website associated with Texas/Louisiana and Florida.

There are years of recovery ahead. The responses to these hurricanes, occurring in such close proximity to one another, will together be one of the largest efforts PDA has ever undertaken. Will you help extend the hands of Christ?

PDA needs your help to bring hope to those who are beginning the long, slow work of recovery. You may make gifts directly through the Presbyterian Mission Agency website, or through Point Pleasant Presbyterian’s online giving option, or by sending a check to the church office marked “Hurricane Relief.” Thank you!