“Punkin Chunkin” with Troop 6

98e4370e-1873-4ac3-b444-975913cf3dc9Over the past year members of our Troop 6 have been planning, constructing and building a trebuchet for the World Championship  Contest to be held in Bridgeville, Delaware next Saturday.

A trebuchet was first used in battles during the middle ages as a machine which threw heavy payloads at enemies. The Scouts goal is to throw a pumpkin for at least 1000 feet for fun. They will be practicing this Saturday on the beach in Seaside Heights where their first pumpkin will be launched.

This year long project allowed the Scouts to learn about energy conservation, levers, trajectories, inertia, forces, engineering, building, and more while making it fun and exciting. All materials, including the metal trailer have been donated for the project.

Best wishes to Troop 6 as you compete for the World Record!