Send Love through a Blanket

CWS Blankets 2Next Sunday January 18 we will be collecting for Church World Service Blankets+.  Contributions to CWS Blankets mean Church World Service will be ready to help families around the world recover from disasters and displacement, and build viable, sustainable lives and communities.

CWS helps to provide primary health care for displaced and other families in need. In such far-flung places as Sudan, Pakistan and Nicaragua, CWS gives comfort and care to moms and babies, and helps children get the nutrition they need to grow up strong and healthy

And here in the U.S., CWS Blankets provide comfort in many communities

hit by disaster, and in shelters or agencies assisting those experiencing hard times.

  • $50 can provide five warm blankets for a family left homeless by a tornado or other disaster.
  • $110 can provide an emergency food package for a family of five for one month.
  • $200 can provide 20 mosquito nets to help keep families safe from the bite of mosquitos and the illnesses they bring.
  • $1,000 can equip a village well with a pump and provide hygiene training.