This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Come Celebrate with Us!

Dear Friends,

It has been gratifying to see people continuing to come to worship during this interim time. Too often when a pastor leaves and the pulpit is filled with a different preacher each week, worship attendance drops. Thanks to all of you and your faithfulness, that has not been the case at PPPC.

This coming Sunday I expect there will be a good crowd at worship and lots of energy. The Doves will be singing along with the Chancel Choir. When the children sing in church the energy level always goes up.

It is also appropriate that there be a crowd at church this Palm Sunday just as there was that day long ago when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. It was Passover and the city was full of pilgrims who had come to worship at the temple. Jesus rode into the city on the back of a donkey. We will have our own donkey and rider in worship too. People threw down their cloaks and waved palm branches hailing Jesus as the long awaited Messiah. We too will have palm branches and we too welcome Jesus into our worship and into our lives.

When you leave worship this Sunday, you will have the opportunity to take with you a palm frond that has been twisted into a cross. It is a good reminder of what happened to Jesus after his “Triumphal” entry. The cheers turned all too soon to jeers. The crowds disappeared and even Jesus’ disciples deserted him.

Let us not be among those who desert Jesus this Holy Week. Come to worship this Palm/Passion Sunday. Come to our special communion/Tenebrae service on Good Friday. Then let us shout our Joy on Easter Sunday with God’s victory over death when Christ was raised to new life. Come and Worship. Come