This Sunday We Warmly Welcome . . .

This Sunday We Warmly Welcome:  
The Rev. Dr. Myrlene Hamilton Hess

Preaching:  “STARDUST”

I am a retired pastor, a member of Monmouth Presbytery, and formerly pastor of Morning Star Presbyterian Church in Bayville. Originally from South Dakota, I have lived and served the church in a wide variety of places from Alaska to various points on the west coast, until moving to New Jersey in 1993. I am an author, photographer, gardener, fly fisher, sailor, and lover of animals. I am married to Eric Hess, Sr.

Sermon Notes:

In my children’s message I will be asking the kids, “What are you made of?”
How would YOU answer that question?
There are lots of ways to go with that thought, but I’m going to answer it in one word that will take me about 15 minutes to define!.
As we look at the familiar story of the transfiguration (Jesus meets Moses and Elijah on a mountaintop, with Peter, James and John looking on in amazement), I will also ask you to consider what it is that Peter got really right.
Mostly we tend to look at what he messed up. But he got one thing superbly right on in this event and we would do well to emulate him. And I will challenge you to consider this in the context of the transition that you are just now beginning to experience.
What is it that you really need to get right as you move from Carl’s departure to the new place where God is leading you?