This Week at Point Beach Prep

We had another great year here at Point Beach Prep. There were 50 students enrolled! Wow! It is hard to believe the school year is over. We have had another great year here at Point Beach Prep! Our students have learned so much! Over the year, our class built their knowledge of letters and letter sounds by meeting all of our letter dolls from A-Z. They learned letter recognition and brainstormed words that started with each letter. They learned the sign language for each alphabet letter, and a sign language word. They practiced writing their letters with pencil power. We saw emergent writing when mock letters became stories! They enjoyed bringing in a Show and Tell item weekly for the different letters. Every week our Pre-K also learned a new word on our sight word tree.


The children learned their numbers and colors. They sang and danced to many great songs. We read SO many interesting books, and literacy was emerging! Our class explored with squishy shaving cream, and played with many different textures in our sensory table. They built a volcano and watched it erupt, and explored properties of magnets. Our artists used their creativity at creation station by painting at the easel, and making whatever they could imagine with markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors, etc. At our small group project table they made many projects related to our letters and themes. Imaginations were developed in our dramatic play areas. Through the staging of a Veterinarian’s office, donut shop, train station, construction site, play school, horse barn, grocery store, the U.S. Post Office, and an under the sea area complete with a boat- the children built thinking skills and developed social, emotional and language skills!

Each child enjoyed being Student of the Week. They took Brown Bear home with them and wrote about their adventures. Our friends all loved having their special person come in with them during their week to read stories, play guitar, teach yoga, plant flowers, do science experiments, make cool crafts, and more!

485e5a61-29e2-4a89-9912-b35e164b45feEvery student eagerly anticipated being given a special job daily. They learned responsibility by taking turns being the prayer leader, line leader, caboose, project helper, outdoor helper, bell ringer, snack counter, calendar helper, doing days of the week, weather, attendance, turning on/off the lights, holding the flag, being the librarian and the center checker. Outside, we played Duck Duck Goose, Farmer in the Dell, Simon Says, many games with the parachute, drew with chalk, rode tricycles, cars, scooters, and enjoyed the playground.

We loved having the Point Pleasant Beach Children’s Librarian come in every month to read stories, sing songs, use our felt board, and do other fun things with us. We also enjoyed having Art Teacher Karen Norby come in several times to do lessons on shapes, line, and texture. We had 2 different dentists come in to teach us good oral hygiene and even had a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

We had many special events such as our Halloween Parade, Picture Day, Thanksgiving Show, Christmas Sing-a-long, Valentine’s parties, Mother’s Day Tea, and Graduation.

We have all had so much fun, it is hard to believe we were learning the whole time! (Shhh!!!) Thank you for a wonderful year. We wish our graduating students best of luck in kindergarten, we will miss you dearly! We are looking forward to seeing all of our returning students in September! Have a safe and happy summer!