This Week at Vacation Bible School


Each night of VBS was a lesson about Jesus. He was a kid with a family going to church and living a full life of serving others.

Night one: Jesus had a family…we do too. We decorated our banks we used to raise money for Bibles to send to children in Thailand. For every $4 raised we can send 1 Bible. We tie-died our shirts that we will wear to the Church Picnic this Sunday.

Night two: Jesus had a name…we do too. We talked about how the Angel Gabriel came to Mary to tell her the news that she would give birth to God’s son and his name would be Jesus. We learned the meaning of Jesus name and looked up the meanings of our own names. We then decorated our names in bubble letters.

Night three: Jesus served others, we do too. We talked about what it means to serve others, and how we can always be faithful servants. We made placemats and blessing bags full of toiletries to bring across the street to Mary’s Table and the Pantry. We also made some new decorative stones for outside the Annex.

Night four: Jesus had a home…we do too. “There is always room in my Father’s house”. We drew pictures of our own homes. Mrs. Norby taught us how to make oragami animals and we talked about each one’s home. We focused on how God always provides us with the shelter we need. We finished up painting our stones.

Friday’s lesson will be Jesus went to church…we do too. We will talk about what it means to be a part of a church. Each person is appreciated for their service within their church. Then we will end with fun and games and a pizza party!


Reminder all VBS kids are invited to join us this Sunday, August 9 at the Church Picnic to celebrate our week of Vacation Bible School. We will be wearing our tye-died shirts.

A big thank you to Christina Parrott, Kelly Iadarola, Karen Norby, and Marion Blackford who made this year’s Vacation Bible School a success.