What a Picnic!


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped in this year’s picnic. Once again Frank and Kerry Jones have done a wonderful job in all the details that make our picnic a success time after time. For the past month they have worked hard in getting everything ready for all to enjoy.

In addition, thank you to Diane and Mike Manzo for their generous donation of all the hot dogs and hamburgers, to Randy Crate and Peter Farwell for moving the tables and chairs over, to Maria Tirpak for reserving and getting the tables set, to Carol Bonebrake for getting all the ice, to Maryanne Leach and Helen Unglaub for making sure we have all the items we needed for worship, to our master fisherman Bob Hankins and Sue Hankins for allowing us to use their keyboard, to Dave Satterlee for packing up, and to Cory Pula-Bowers for allowing us to use his sound system, just to name a few. Coordinating this event is no easy task. Thank you to everyone who helped make it an enjoyable day for the entire church.

Picnic Candids

With worship outside along the river, great weather, loving family and friends all around, followed by a buffet of food with a multitude of desserts, it was a perfect day!