Zoom Sunday School – Lace Up Your Sneakers!

It would be so much more convenient, if we could build the faith of children (and adults) by somehow cramming it in all at once, as we used to do before a big test in school. Ha! But it doesn’t work that way. We grow our faith over time when we experience the knowledge we’ve learned at work in our hearts. To run a successful foot race and to fully experience faith, we need to practice. That practice routine requires commitment.

COMMITMENT – Making a plan and putting it into practice

We’ll explore several books of the New Testament to discover the components of our practice plan. We‘ll emphasize one per week:

We’ll learn that the Apostle Paul used the race analogy. For Christians the prize (crown) will last forever, unlike the decomposing garland presented at the Greek games.






This verse below, written from Paul to Timothy, will carry us through the month and beyond.

Sneakers will definitely acquire new meaning for us!